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Endorsements, Certificates of Insurance, and Other Tools for Evidencing Coverage: Why You Can’t Always Have It Your Way

Design professionals are often asked by their clients to sign contracts that include comprehensive—sometimes unreasonable—insurance requirements and indemnification terms.  These are usually drafted with the goal of protecting owners, clients, contractors, or other project participants.  But how does this work when the required coverages aren’t found in the commercial insurance marketplace?

Benefit from Selecting the Right Professional Liability Broker (NSPE)

Carefully selected and advantageously used, your broker can be as important to the management of your practice as your accountant or your attorney. Poorly selected and ill-equipped to advise you on the risks of professional practice, your broker may add little more of value to what you do than the cost of a few postage stamps at renewal time. The choice is yours.

International Practice: International Liability Exposures

International Practice: International Liability Exposures

In the last 20 years, regional and smaller design firms based in the U.S. have found a new demand for their services in the international marketplace. Foreign clients now seek the services of boutique firms and specialty consultants, and what was once the sole domain of large design firms is far more common.  This article will discuss the international liability exposures (except for professional liability) faced by architects and engineers who provide services abroad.